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"I’ve been passionately pursuing Christ since 2015. Since then, following where He leads has landed me in the window cleaning business starting in 2019. Also becoming passionate for the transformation of taking a dirty window and making it clean. It is very satisfying! I also very much enjoy the people I meet and the relationships that start because of the skill set that I’ve been blessed to learn."

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Algae & Moss Prevention and Cleaning for Asphalt Roofing Systems – Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)

Here are some friendly tips to discourage moss and algae growth on your roof:

1. Let the sunshine in: Trim tree branches that shade your roof to allow more sunlight to reach it. This helps create an environment that is less inviting for moss and algae to grow. It also helps minimize the accumulation of debris on the roof.
2. Clear away debris: Regularly remove any debris that starts to collect on your roof. You can use a leaf blower or a gentle method that won't damage the roof. This should be part of your regular maintenance routine to keep your roof clean.
3. Watch the airflow: Make sure that the airflow on your roof is directed downward, away from the slope. This helps prevent debris from getting trapped under the edges of the shingles, which can contribute to moss and algae growth.
4. Keep your gutters clean: Clean gutters promote proper water drainage, which is important for preventing moss and algae growth. Make sure your gutters are free from leaves and other debris. Also, avoid allowing gutters from an upper roof to drain directly onto a lower roof. Instead, extend the downspout from the upper roof into the lower gutter.
5. Consider preventive measures: When it's time to replace your roof, you can take additional steps to prevent algae and moss growth. You can use asphalt shingles that incorporate algae-resistant copper granules or add zinc or copper strips. These measures can help discourage both algae and moss. However, it's important to note that adding these strips to an existing roof is not recommended, as it may cause leaks or damage.

Remember, moss and algae growth on your roof can be unsightly and potentially lead to damage. By following these friendly tips and maintaining a regular roof maintenance program, you can keep your roof clean and prevent the spread of moss and algae to nearby roofs. If you do notice moss or algae, you can clean the roof with a mixture of bleach and water to prevent further growth.


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