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We're committed to exceeding your expectations, ensuring every detail is attended to with the utmost professionalism.


Choosing Cody and Genesis Window Cleaning Services means partnering with a team that values not just cleanliness but the overall well-being of your space. Our commitment is rooted in Christian principles, offering a service that goes beyond just cleaning – we bring light, clarity, and rejuvenation to your home or business. Trust, integrity, and excellence guide every wipe, ensuring that when we're done, your windows aren't just clean; they're a clear reflection of our dedication to your satisfaction.

Trustworthy Service

Committed to integrity and trust, ensuring your space is treated with respect and professionalism

Personalized Solutions

Tailored cleaning solutions designed to meet your unique needs and expectations.

Unmatched Quality

Excellence in every detail, from the smallest streak to the widest window.

Faith-Driven Approach

Guided by Christian values, we provide a service that's about more than just cleaning – it's about bringing a positive change to your environment.


Discover the difference of a home bathed in natural light. Our residential services bring out the best in your home.



Elevate your business with spotless windows. Our commercial services ensure your property shines professionally.


At Genesis, our services extend beyond simple cleaning; we offer a holistic approach to bring clarity and brightness to every corner of your property. From residential and commercial window cleaning to post-construction clean-ups and soft washing, we ensure each service is performed with meticulous attention and respect. Let Genesis be the beacon of light that transforms your environment, reflecting the beauty and purity of your space.

Window Cleaning

Full service window cleaning -Able to accomodate up to 5 story buildings for Commercial using Water Fed Pole Systems


Many times windows will be left dirty or have residue, we specialize in cleaning this as well

Window Sill Refinishing

Restore your window sill with a new stain and varnish

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a less invasive way of cleaning exterior structures like houses,garages and more. Even some interior structures such as car washes or storage buildings ect. Still using a pressure washer to rinse but not to clean, the cleaning is done by environmental friendly chemicals in low percentages. The type of chemical used is determined by the type of material that is being washed.

Roof Washing

Uses the same low pressure chemical make up as soft washing that allows us to kill and mitigate the black streaking on a lot of asphalt shingles you see around. The black streaking is a living organism called Gloeocapsa magma, which feeds on the limestone in your shingle. So by treating your roof with a sodium hypochlorite mixture will kill the organism and any other organic material growing on your roof thus prolonging the life of your roof. It is more expensive than house washing but cheaper than replacing a roof.

Surface Cleaning

All these types of surfaces that can handle pressure we use a surface cleaner or a pressure washer wand with a turbo nozzle on to clean the surface. Both the surface cleaner and the turbo nozzle will not leave lines behind. Sometimes pre-and post treatments with sodium hypochlorite are done to treat mold and mildew or other organic growth on the surface.


Dive into the experiences of those who've seen the Genesis difference. With over 30 five-star reviews, our commitment to excellence shines through in their words.

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Barbara StumpfBarbara Stumpf
03:27 23 Nov 23
Cody is thorough and efficient. Very easy to work with and does an excellent job.
Sherry Miller FriskSherry Miller Frisk
21:26 21 Nov 23
The JensensThe Jensens
15:25 03 Nov 23
Reached out late in the season and Cody was able to give me a reasonable quote and do great work the same day!
Shelley CzechShelley Czech
20:29 24 Oct 23
Cody did a great job on my windows inside and out, I highly recommend his service, he was professional, quick and he had his heart in the job, I gave him five stars for a job well done.
Lori StangLori Stang
15:05 26 Sep 23
My windows are spotless!
Linda JohnsonLinda Johnson
00:45 06 Sep 23
Had Cody do the windows. So very pleased as they actually sparkled and stayed cleaner than when I do them. He also cleaned two sides of the house. That sparkles too. Thank you a great job
Bentler JeffBentler Jeff
16:39 26 Jul 23
Genesis did a great job on both my interior and exterior windows. Cody was prompt, neat and efficient. This is the second time I have used him and I look forward to his services next year.
20:17 07 Jul 23
Cody did a fantastic job on the first visit to our new office. He cleaned the windows on the interior and exterior & they're spotless! It's refreshing looking through clean windows! Cody's pricing is very fair, he is professional and easy to communicate with. No doubt we will use his services again & again!
Kyle LeMieurKyle LeMieur
16:15 19 Apr 23
Genesis Window Cleaning does a wonderful job at my business and home. Cody is very professional and always provides quality work. He is responsive and very punctual. When he says he is coming he shows up, does his job and after he leaves you didn’t even know he was there, except when he leaves your windows are perfectly clean. I truly enjoy doing business with Cody and Genesis Window Cleaning. A true honest professional.


For both residential and commercial spaces, Genesis Window Cleaning offers comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. To get started with a free quote, simply fill out our contact form.

We specialize in window cleaning, power washing, and more, aiming to deliver quality results every time. Contact us to find out how we can serve your cleaning needs without any hassle or obligation.
Genesis Window Cleaning is your partner in bringing clarity and light to your environment, grounded in Christian values and dedicated to providing top-quality service.
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